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The Capital Grille is an American restaurant chain of upscale steakhouses owned by Darden Restaurants. The brand has locations in twenty states and the District of Columbia.

Ricky mentioned, "Capital Grille was not my choice as I have been here twice on my recent trips and while it is a classy place, with super service and comfortable I have really never been a fan of this chain as they fake out the folks with aged beef that is not prime quality. To me, that is a joke. It is like aging average wine. Why? So, we sat down at the table with sort of the same 9 folks that I have been with for the past week. That means, too much booze and too many cigarettes being lit and smoke ruining my lungs and cloths. Looking at the menu, the prices were way below the US Capital Grille prices but with sort of the same menu. Well, I ordered a steak as I have been eating nothing but fish for the last week. It was their typical aged choice meat that is decent enough but again I have never gotten it. I ordered a salad to start that never came, a martini that was too short in my mind, a bread basket in the middle of the table that was meh. As I said, the place is decent but there is a reason why this chain has closed its doors in LA and SF, in that at a prime steakhouse joint you should serve the best meat, with stiff drinks and this place as well as its counterparts in the USA falls short."


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Former Employee - Server says

"Management was bad for everyone"

Former Employee - Hostess says

"Rude management and crazy standards for their employees."

Former Employee - Dishwasher says

"Alot of good work more"

Former Employee - Food Server says

"Racist , they don’t care about black employees like they do white ."

Current Employee - Hostess says

"They were uncaring and picked favorites"

Former Employee - Server says

"Inconsistent Management. Didn’t value employees."

Former Employee - Hostess says

"Management was always very rude and catty - so were some of the servers/hosts. Talking bad about guests behind back"

Current Employee - Server says

"No $$ Management feeds 4 or 5 while others STRUGGLE! Unfair"


"No holiday pay, very murky and unclear expectation of what is expected of you but a very swift punishment if you screw up, 'Wine club members' are basically allowed to treat you like dirt and ask for ridiculous and inappropriate favours that you have comply with, too many managers walking around that blame you for their bad mood and one doesn't seem to know what the other one is doing leading to contradicting tasks."

Former Employee - Sous Chef says

"Worked 75 hours a week... as a sous chef... executive chef was no HELP at all... first CG on the west coast... 2 years later closed... work life balance non-existent...all kitchen staff over-worked... company didn't listen to advise from experienced chefs...."

Dishwasher/ (Former Employee) says

"Poor management ,poor training,hours ,are horrible they only use you when they need you. They like to pay you not so great for your job but expect you to do others jobs as well with no pay increase or incentives. Back of the house is not so clean if customers only knew. A LOT OF TALKING BEHIND OTHER COWORKERS BACKS."

Executive Sous Chef (Former Employee) says

"This place is not for anyone that wants to move up they put you on hold and put you at a restaurant where your talent level cannot be displayed. That’s all I have to say"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"It is sad I had to leave because of being treated unfairly. All around work place was unprofessional, mean girl environment. Worst and weirdest job I ever had. Waisted a year of my life and made no money. I am a single mother and I quit because I was tired of the injustices. I needed to leave to make real money at a real job. You can be the best worker, but if you are not friends or family there, they make sure to make it miserable for you so you can quit. They hate to fire people so they know exactly how to treat you to make you quit. They didn’t give me day shifts as I asked for, they wouldn’t give me full time hours and they wouldn’t let me train to become a board runner. So I had to leave to find better opportunity.NoneLow pay."

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from the The Capital Grille in Troy, MI. Management, and servers treated me and the rest of the host staff like we were incompetent. I have never worked at an establishment where I was treated so poorly."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Management is aweful they tell you what you want to hear but never follow through. Don't believe them when they tell you there's room for advancement. They treat employee's very different not based on work but just who they like. Sales manager is evil... Most floor managers are clueless and the GM is the most clueless one of all on a major power trip... Do not work here unless you like being treated poorly"

Bartender (Current Employee) says

"Incompetent management, lots of favoritism, low standards on the floor and in the kitchen, poor wine list. They seem out of their league. I've never seen a female employee give a guest a neck massage at Hooters, but I've seen it several times at The Capital Grille.Undemanding.Anything goes"

Front server (Former Employee) says

"They hire/trick you into thinking you will work 5 shifts a week but when you show up for your one forced lunch shift it’s 90% of a waste of time, gas and money. No runners during lunch shift and you run all your appetizers and 3 table small stations. Being the newbie your forced to setup the line and all the covers go to those who have seniority while you do all the labor work only to get cut getting no tables or about 25% of the covers of those who have been there longer. Only time for a chance to make any money is convention season cause they use you for over flow tables usually giving you about 10 covers a night while those people with seniority get 3-4times your covers. No 6+ person large party gratuity either. Managers are lazy and if anything happens no matter what happens it’s your fault. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work here. Also all the benefits they brag about in orientation they make sure that not one FOH employee gets enough hours for insurance. Avoid at all costs.N/aThe whole place is a disgrace to anyone who is a professional"

Hostess (Current Employee) says

"Management is not helpful , you have to learn everything on your own without help unfortunately .very fast paste environment. Managers micromanager you ."

Server (Current Employee) says

"Unfair , money’s good, but management doesn’t care, not clean , horrible place to work ... I would not recommend working there if you are of African American decentMoney during holidaysEverything else"

server (Former Employee) says

"They hung me high and dry after I did all for them and lead the team. I won't even waste my breath..."

Bartender and Server (Current Employee) says

"Management isn't good, lots of nepotism. Most of the servers or bartenders that gets good shift are actually friends of the managers or someone they know personally. Free foodManagement isn't fair"

Host/private dining assistant (Former Employee) says

"I will say this is the first fine dining restaurant I have been working with,I was very excited during the interview because everyone seems very professional and the dining room since extremely fancy .Then I found some thing funny when I apply the shop I apply as a server but the hiring manager said there’s no position for right now so they make me a host so I was like I will take it because I know they will give me a chance to become a server but after months and months they start hiring new kids without any restaurant experience to work as a foot runner and ready to be a server then I realize some thing maybe because in general this company is racistYou’ve got a good name and a good title at that placeThe culture Of that company is kind of bully and racist"

Chef/line cook (Current Employee) says

"My day starts when i get into work, with my chef breathing down my neck.Athough, he has his times he's been a good teacher.My Co Workers love me and so does the Management . The hardest par of the day is dealing with my Chef! My most enjoyable part of my job is leaving Capital Grille!Free LunchPoor LeaderShip"

Server (Former Employee) says

"They tout a culture of coaching.... what they mean is write you up, again and againand AGAIN . Managers that have their favorites even thoug they gouge the guest. Hostile work ENVIRONMENTEmployee meals.... usually old left over stuff like turkey from thanksgiving, servrd in mayTerrible management"

Dishwasher / Prep (Former Employee) says

"This was not a bad job but it is very stressful. The head Chef was very intense and ran a tight nit kitchen. Management was okay no problems there. The workplace was very fast paced and high stressed. The hardest part of dish washing was cleaning after a big party."

Host (Former Employee) says

"I was very excited to get started at The Capital Grille. The managing partner was known for being very petty and passive aggressive towards her employees and a handful of people left around the time that I did. I could go on for a full page about how it was to work under her but it really does go to show that management makes or breaks the workplace. I prefer a more professional workplace that fosters growth in it's employees without belittling them."

Server (Current Employee) says

"Very specific steps of service Quizzed often during pre-shift Continued training and development is crucial Amazing coworkers that work well together; excellent team work Hardest part: management treats you like "just a server" Most enjoyable part: Coworkers are the best Can't eat on shift at all Constantly denied time offCoworkersManagement, pay, no eating rules, benefits"

Server/Bartender (Current Employee) says

"At times you think you have a decent paying job, with a decent company. Then you watch things happen that are just plain wrong. I posted this review awhile ago but apparently you can't be too precise, while I didn't name anyone, I named positions that are only held by 1 or 2 people, so I get why it wasn't posted. My advice is make as much and save as much money as you can and get out in 2-4 years or you'll become part of everything that is hateful here. Of course its not all bad, but don't have expectations of moving up, too much politics and unearned favoritism. Good Luckdecent moneyUpper MGMT, Nepotism, Politics"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Fair company to work for. Very large and can move into different concepts. During season it's very busy with lots of hours. The summer is very slow. Staff was friendly. Can be fun, but lots of work.traininghours"

Bartender (Current Employee) says

"management sucks. managers thinks they are always right and they have nepotism. if u ever face any situation, they wont even allow you to explain yourself. it doesn't matter how hard you work, if the managers dont like you it will mean nothing to them. I had no problemat the beginning now I have anxiety and think about killing myself sometime, they broke my self confidence and my body. I wish I'd never work here.potentially good moneybad management."

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